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List of Equipment

The Latest Technology and Features in Equipment

FZE thoroughly researches the latest technology and features in equipment prior to purchase. In addition, availability of service personnel and replacement parts is considered prior to purchase. The Company avoids purchasing equipment from unproven manufacturers and distributors that may not have the parts or personnel to service the machines when necessary. Machine capability, up-time and durability are the driving factors.

Fully Automated, Precision Pre-Set Equipment

All of the equipment are fully automated CNCs. Precision pre-set equipment is used to prepare the tooling. Set-up parts are first-piece checked through a fully automated Coordinate Measurement Machine. These strategies maximize machine up-time during set-up and allow operators to operate more than one machine at any point in time. Tool life management is strategically integrated into the CNC programs to maximize tool life while minimizing machine spindle down time.

FZE's experience and capabilities include:

  • Bar feed machining
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastic, titanium machining
  • Castings and bar stock
  • Assemblies, sub-assemblies and packaging